Bursting the COVID Bubble a mental health tonic event by Kit Shepherd from Transition Bondi

Bursting The COVID Bubble – A Mental Health Tonic

Take a break from the heavy news we hear. Lighten your heart and put away anxiety. Tired of the gloom and the anxiety of the heavy news of the day? Lighten your load and your heart, with this gentle, one-hour tonic for the mind! 

Not quite a conversation, but a discovery of how your story and imagination can build pleasant connections, experiences and new ideas from recollections of the things you love.  
Get a new view of life, through the interaction of parlour games, drama exercises, drawing and language activities.

About Kit

Kit has always loved games that bring people together in a playful and connecting way, across barriers of ‘difference’, be they age, gender, language, education, dis/ability, etc. Over the decades, as an adult educator and student of counselling and drama, Kit has collected and developed many ideas and activities for this purpose.

Breaking Through the Covid Bubble – a Mental Health Tonic invites people to be together in a light way – not quite conversation, not chatting about the news or our daily activities. Instead, taking our minds to places of reflection, imagination, story-sharing and play.

Ticket : Free
Ticket Available: 8 seats

We look forward to seeing you! 


27 Sep 2021


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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