Earth-Water-Air-Sky Through the Indigenous Lens with Rowan Foley

“Connection to Country: Earth-Water-Air-Sky Through the Indigenous Lens with Rowan Foley”Meet Wondunna Man Rowan Foley as he speaks about Connection to Country and his journey from Uluru-Kata Tjuta Park Ranger/Manager, to presenter at the Paris Climate Agreement.Understanding fully the deep connection to country, can only lead us to a richer experience and appreciation of how dislocation from country can cause pain and grief.

About Rowan Foley

Rowan has dedicated his life to ensuring indigenous interests are acknowledged and supported. His work as CEO of the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation offers wealth opportunities, as well as environmental, social and cultural benefits, for aboriginal and non-aboriginal people. He helped establish the first Indigenous Protected Area at Paruku (Lake Gregory) WA, and has presented on the world stage as a Tedx presenter and at the UN Framework for Climate Change in Germany.

“How are we ultimately going to honour this relationship with the very thing, the very earth, the very waters, the very air, the very sky, that gives us life and existence?” Aunty (Rev) Janet Turpie-Johnston Australians Together, 4 May 2021“

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18 Oct 2021


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



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