1. Thankyou MIri and thankyou Matthias for sharing your thinking and ideas, and inspiring us with your personal big vision!
    I like your term ‘liberty tool’ for bicycle, juxtaposed with the rather clumsy alternative of public transport! And to hear how you moved from concern as a young person, through hearing Al Gore’s grim message of global warming, to making a big personal impact, is so good!

    Thankyou for your efforts and achievements in the transport world (in Germany) with car-sharing and traffic planning! I haven’t heard in Australia of the term ‘mobility stations’; though there is alot of talk about parking facilities near public transport hubs – and increasing housing density close to new railway and bus interchanges.

    You’ve given us a clear picture of your values and decisions as an individual , as well as your concerns as a global citizen; thankyou Matthias for modelling the behaviour and approach that we need so much in the world now and for the generations to come.

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