Mark Boyle, The Moneyless Man, Serena Renner


  1. Thankyou for this; whilst reading, I got a glimpse out of the corner of my eye as to how much the way we’re living now (Sydney Aust for me)is not ‘normal” that there are many other ways to go about surviving, relating to surrounds, understanding the interconnection living beings, and exchanging resources.
    Good to be lifted out of the comfort and inertia of everyday life, by a piece of writing that opens other doors. 🙂

  2. Great piece. I have lived voluntary simplicity for 11 years now and i wish i could send Mark a letter!

  3. So inspiring. I feel the same way. Not only do most things not make sense, they are blatantly wrong but sold as good. In the US, we are over regulated so bad that if we attempt to live a more natural life we risk losing our children or having our homes condemned. We must be hooked to power, water, kids must have vaccines and check ups and more. Barbers have to go to school for years and pay thousands in licensing fees just to cut someone’s hair. Don’t fish that pond or kill that deer but support big grocery store chains that leave the largest environmental foot print. Nothing makes sense anymore! I am super excited to explore the off grid and unplugged lifestyle. We should be able to start this year! So nice and refreshing that someone gets it!

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