1. Please come and visit our community garden in Langlee Lane, off Dickson Street Bronte… its beautiful and has created community!
    Loved the video so much – so clever, it says so much with so few words in such a short time. It has inspired me!
    in solidarity
    Chris Mason

  2. Thanks for presenting this article. I would like to point attention to the biggest common in Sydney. Over the last century or more it provides a stunning example of the erosion of the commons. Yes the original name for what is left Centennial and Moore Park was once known as the Sydney Commons. It encompassed, the parkland, the fox studio site, the cricket ground, the Alliance Statium, Robertson Road housing estate, Moore Park deep into Kensington, the racecourse, housing in Paddington beyond Oxford st. A true common for the early sydney siders to graze their animals. A common that is protected by laws around the commons land. The current footprint of the commons the Centennial Parklands. The only area open to all in the spirit of the commons. The eroded commons, striped by state governments through shonky piesces of legislation and board appointment made on loyalty to governments not the commons. Not what belongs to the people. Lets look at the last lost of the commons. Two in particular, the government’s pressure for the parkland to hire the place for corporate events, while withdrawing funding of the park. This is shameful, but not as shameful as the compulsory purchase of a sliver of land along the periment for a few million dollars and not the billion dollar value the land might have, in the free market, The eeosion of the commons bequeathed at federation to the people of NSW as open space as a grand vision of parklands. Supposedly never to be touched again. The commons and again they are under attack ffrom a government who thinks to continue the corpritisation of the commons , to have yet another hack. The rebuilding of Alliance Statium, what will it cost the current footprint of the parklands. W. What can we do. Support the campaign to resist the rebuild of the Alliance Statium. But more importantly we need to bring contol of all land and property built on the common into contol of one body directly elected by the people. The erosion of the Sydney Commons must end, proect the open space we have left.

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